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IIC Web solutions is a digital marketing agency operating in Kerala-India, offering a wide range of digital services, specialized in Social Media Marketing and Search Marketing.

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Service we provide

We are a result driven digital agency in Kerala -India focused on creative marketing, web design and development

Web Design and Development

Great design comes from understanding customer needs. Each and every one of our websites is handcrafted with care and special attention to your business goals.

Digital marketing

We market brands on the web and make sure that you get bang for your buck . We know how to make online digital marketing work so that you get superior ROI.

Digital Experience

From MVPs to landing pages and enterprise WCMS, we build the digital products, services, and experiences that drive stakeholder value for your business

eCommerce Solutions

We develop flexible e-commerce solutions which can be fine-tuned by our professionals to fit your requirements along with a huge list of offerings including extensions development and customization .

Branding & marketing

Increase your sales by making the product or service the most visible and desired by the consumer. Branding is becoming more than a logo , We can help you to brand your product or service.

Social Media

we can make your connection with customers more casual and intense through Social Media, thus creating a more loyal and engaging social media image for your business.

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